How Momma Parker Began...Part 2..Facebook Business

How Momma Parker Began...Part 2..Facebook Business

How Momma Parker Began...Part 2..Facebook Business

So we created a business Facebook page as I thought this would be a great place to start but we were locked out for weeks. I was getting so frustrated and down as I just wanted to start talking about Momma Parker and it was just not hands were tied and technology had me in it's clutches again. 

A month later and after trying to verify the account and sending proof still nothing from was like the fates were stopping me from doing what I wanted to do..I was getting more and more frustrated and on that dreaded downward spiral. I had to stop this and stop it now for the sake of myself and more importantly Momma Parker.

So I bit the bullet and started a business Facebook page under my own account after all it can't be that hard...I have been on Facebook for an eternity, it is easy!!! Oh how wrong I was. After the initial excitement the frustration kicked in yet again and I was thrown out of my comfort zone.

I picked the pictures to use and wrote the description and what we were all about and invited all  my friends all 700 ish of them. Now at this point please don't get me wrong because I know not all my friends are active, not all my friends are into the same things I am so I didn't expect them all to like my page and I respect them for that but please don't foolishly believe that all your friends will like your page..they won't. And then get ready for the next thing that will get you down and bother you the dislikes of your page!!!! Why on earth would someone on my friend list not want to support me and help me do well in life...I am just trying my best and if you don't like what I post you don't have to dislike me you can just hide me lol... But it will happen and you need to accept this.

BUT don't get disheartened by it these peeps were never engaged in the first place so they would never have reacted with Momma Parker and it is really about engagement and interaction. You need to build up people that will engage with you, your message, your product, your service.

So Momma Parker is now thrown completely out of her comfort zone and into the world of the internet, how to engage, interact, build an audience, watch the statistics, link to other media, push out a post...all I wanted was a great big pint of cider and shrink back into making stuff. 

Facebook business is a really good platform though once you get your head round it all...don't worry too much about the graphs and really good thing though is the published tool. You can spend an hour, I usually do it on a Sunday night, and get all your posts ready for the week, setting the posts to be published at a certain time and date. It is a really amazing tool. Watch your engagements and interactions and see what is working best for you, your product and your audience and tailor them each week to build on your audience and engagement.

The most important thing I have learnt from this bit of my journey is to engage but don't flood your timeline...have respect for those liking your page or not and most importantly have fun xxxx And remember keep going every hurdle you overcome you are a step nearer your dreams...and if I can do it you certainly can...dream big beautiful peeps loads of love always Momma P xxxxx

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