I Told You Before I Am Not IT Savvy. New Phone And Instagram

I Told You Before I Am Not IT Savvy. New Phone And Instagram

I Told You Before I Am Not IT Savvy. New Phone And Instagram

As some of you maybe aware I suffer from anxiety and change and new things really freaks me out. Well the day finally had to come and I had to bite the bullet and get a new iphone. The whole left hand corner of my touch screen had stopped working so I had lost the use of numbers and some letters, not great when your email address has numbers in it. I also wanted to take the plunge into the world of https://www.instagram.com/ but my little screen on my really really old apple  https://www.apple.com/uk/ 1 version would be really pants.


So I bravely looked at my https://ee.co.uk/ account and was pleased to read that I was entitled to an upgrade....so I clicked through and everything was silly money a month!!!! Now I come from Yorkshire and we are known to be tight so I was not prepared for my monthly phone bill to be over triple of what I was already paying.

I carried on clicking through the website until I stumbled on some more deals tucked away...this is more like it prices that I can afford. So I opted for a refurbished apple as I was happy with the brand and although I don't use all its features it wasn't going to be a massive change.

The upgrade online was really straight forward and it was going to be delivered really quickly so only a couple of days of turning my phone on its side and back so I could play candy crush  https://king.com/game/candycrush LOL

So it had arrived all shiny and new and big...now it was transfering my old phone details to my new phone...could I really do this on my own without my IT savvy bestie or my son. Momma Parker was going to be brave and do it herself...it can't be that tricky surley. Well I can safely say IT WAS.

Firstly a blue circle appeared on my new phone and I had to line it up with my old phone...I couldn't even get that right but fortunately a friend was at my house for tea who knew a bit about these things so he took over. There was confusion of whether to put the new sim in, how to activate it and then of course I couldn't remember any of my passwords...it is an age thing. What made it worse is that my new phone kept wanting to connect not to my old phone but to my hubbys...this was all getting too much, would things ever be the same again.

Eventually everything was copied across, hubby called my phone it worked, I phoned his it worked...I could message and all my apps were there. Happy days I could stop stressing, go to bed and have a peaceful nights sleep. My IT savvy bestie would be so proud of me when I told her the day after at work....how wrong I would be proved to be.

I woke the next morning and felt very positive that the day would bring lots of rewards and that at last I could get promoting Momma Paker on Instagram and do all the other ace things I wanted to do as Momma P.

I rocked up at work eager to show my bestie my new tech and how well I had done to get it set up myself. She took a look, rolled her eyes at me and tried to stifle a giggle. 'You haven't got any service' she said...I looked at her perplexed and my lights switched off. 'But it works' I replied and hastily showed her all my contacts my apps etc. etc. She then explained as though talking to a small child that it was because it was connecting via the wifi in the office and not directly to the cloud....DOH!!!!!

I handed her my phone and trusted that she would sort me out and get me going. Within five minutes I was sorted...new sim in the phone, all apps up and running and all linked, including my online banking that took a bit longer as even though I had written all my passwords down, much to the disgust of my security savvy son, it was still painful. I really need a mini bestie that I can put in my pocket to help m i these situations when she is not around.

On a plus note we had sooo much fun creating my memoji...I never thought I would have an option for dreads....it is sooo much like me and it is the best thing ever about my phone upgrade.

As I explained in my earlier blog Momma P always wants to run before she can walk, I reminded myself f one of my positive outlooks to always do things one small step at a time.


 My bestie gave me a whistle stop tour of instagram and explained the basics so I could at least get cracking.....this was going to be a really steep learning curve but I could see the benefits for Momma Parker...why not follow me at https://www.instagram.com/mommaparkernamaste/

I quickly learnt about how to get photos from my facebook onto my camera roll so I could upload onto instagram and how to always make sure that they are square. My bestie showed me how to choose the best filters and to make sure that my website was in my bio and that I made reference to it in my caption...ooh and hashtags are my new best friend #they are amazing they really help grow your audience and that is just as important as selling products at this stage. Remember at the beginning of your journey you are very much a small fish swimming in a huge ocean that is the internet...you need to take advantage of all the tools available to you and make sure that you do things as well as you can.

So now that thing that really important thing that Momma P wanted so much was an instagram button on my facebook page.....after all it is one of the same so it must be possible surley, plus I had seen it on other facebook business pages.

I looked at both apps and even though they were now both linked it still wasn't obvious that you could do it...this was starting to make my head swim....I must be doing something wrong so yet again I called in my bestie.

Within minutes and I literally mean minutes she had found a developer website for facebook that had step by step instructions. We put the instructions on one screen and I handed the mouse and let her drive....this would have pushed me over the edge. She continued to click away copying and pasting URL's, whatever they are, and following the instructions to the letter....but we just kept getting an error code.

Bestie googled it and quickly resolved the issue.....bingo the add button appeared in our instructions...we both squealed with excitement......bestie clicked on the button...PERMISSION DENIED.....I need 2000 followers and i at that time only had 300.......but you know what I will get there, I am not giving up on my dream and as we all know you get out what you put in.


 Namaste Momma P xxxx

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