Hi, I am Momma Parker and I am a wife, mother to 2 grown up boys and 5 crazy dogs! I am sure you will like looking around my online shop with the products I have found that have brought calm and balance to what is my typical stress filled daily life!

My life has not been easy but by using the products that we are selling and adjusting my lifestyle using the tips and techniques that I will blog about I have managed to reduce and eliminate stress. This has filled my life with much more positivity which in turn has attracted wonderful things and experiences towards me.

Here at Momma Parker we have a deep rooted ethos of helping others because that in essence is really what it is all about. When we understand that we need to roll our sleeves up and look after each other we are more than halfway there. it sounds cheesy but it is really all about the love for each other and the self respect we all deserve. I believe that we all need to look after each other, support each other and help each other...no one else is going to do this apart from us.

Our products are all tried and tested by our family and friends and have helped us all to tap into the universal energy to live a better fulfilled positive life. By using our products and following our blogs I am certain you can turn your life around from a struggle to an absolute dream.

Loads of love Momma P xxx