Green Earth Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

Green Earth Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

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This beautiful hanger represents earth which in turn represents the foundation of our lives, as it is both our home and our source of sustenance. The earth element is ever present and highly versatile, manifesting as both soil and seed, and witnessed in the eternal rhythms of growth, harvest, decay, and regeneration. Overall, Earth is the most “grounding” of the elements, its power keeping us calm and centered in the midst of life’s chaotic twists and turns.

If you are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo this is your element. Earth represents the North.

Using green the corresponding colour for earth it is made lovingly by myself and is reiki charged. It can be hung in your sacred space to bring the magic and energy of the earth element or used with the other elemental wallhangers in your circle magic.

This beautiful creation is approx 8.5 inches long and the disc is approx 2 inch in diameter. As each one is handcrafted each will be slightly unique in designThis item is made to order and can take up to a week to arrive. 



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