Imbolc Celebration Box

Imbolc Celebration Box

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Imbolc occurs on the 2nd February or when the sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius. Its primary focus is new growth, end of winter, new beginnings and purification.

Imbolc is a fire festival falling in the fixed astrological air sign of Aquarius. The magick that you do during this period will have long lasting consequences so this is the time to manifest your dreams and goals. 

In celebration this is my Imbolc box that I have used for many years to set my positive intentions for the rest of the year. It contains:

  • Imbolc information scroll and celebration suggestions
  • Imbolc incantation
  • My handmade Imbolc Sigil
  • My hand blended cleansing incense for purification
  • A high quality black dinner candle to remove negative energy
  • Three white dinner candles to cleanse and purify as well as focusing our positive intentions and goals
  • A handmade fire rune
  • An Aquarius rune
As each one is handmade each one is unique and charms may vary

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