Purple Spirit Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

Purple Spirit Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

  • £20.00

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The Spirit Element  Akasha, a Sanskrit word translating roughly as “space” or “atmosphere.” This is not meant in our modern sense of “outer space,” but rather an absence of physical form, an energy that is present in all things but is not physical itself. Akasha is seen as the “original” Element, from which all creation came. 

The fifth element is within and all around us. It can be particularly difficult to keep in our awareness in the busy, noisy modern world we live in. That’s why meditation, prayer, and ritual are treasured practices among spiritual seekers of all kinds. When we get quiet and still, we can more easily get back in touch with this all encompassing element, an energy that is so intangible and mysterious, it’s no wonder that it has so many different names.

This beautiful creation is approx 8.5 inches long and the disc is approx 2 inch in diameter. As each one is handcrafted each will be slightly unique in design.

This item is made to order and can take up to a week to arrive.

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