Blue Water Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

Blue Water Elemental Wallhanger With Woodburnt Plaque

  • £20.00

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This beautiful hanger represents water often thought of as the most essential of the elements for sustaining life. Humans, of course, cannot live without it, and the same is true of animals and plant life. Before the advent of roads, water provided humans with the most efficient means of travel, and it is still host to one quarter of the biodiversity found on Earth. Associated with the Moon, psychic abilities, dreams, and the realm of emotions, the Water Element is a shape-shifter, moving easily throughout the world by following the path of least resistance. If you are Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio this is your element. Water represents the West

Using blue the corresponding colour for water it is made lovingly by myself and is reiki charged. It can be hung in your sacred space to bring the magic and energy of the air element or used with the other elemental wallhangers in your circle magic.

This beautiful creation is approx 8.5 inches long and the disc is approx 2 inch in diameter. As each one is handcrafted each will be slightly unique in design.

This item is made to order and can take up to a week to arrive.

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