Celebrating Ostara

Celebrating Ostara

Celebrating Ostara

Ostara is just around the corner and I can say without a shadow of a doubt it is my favourite of all the Sabbats. It is a magical time and you can literally feel the energies of mother earth awakening form her winter slumber. The buds are starting to appear on the trees and shrubs and the first of the years bulbs are pushing through the soil, crocus, tulips and daffodils. The days are slowly getting longer and there is inspiration and magic in the air.

Ostara takes its name after the Germanic goddess, Eostre/Ostara, who was traditionally honoured in the month of April with festivals to celebrate fertility, renewal and re-birth. It was from Eostre that the Christian celebration of Easter evolved, and indeed the naming of the hormone Eostrogen, essential to women's fertility. The Goddess Ostara has the shoulders and head of a hare.

I have created a beautiful Ostara celebration box to help you celebrate this beautiful Sabat.

I absolutely love Ostara that time of the year when everything is stirring into life, the bulbs pushing through and the buds appearing. There is magic in the air without a shadow of a doubt. This box contains everything you need to celebrate this wonderful time of the year handmade with love by an old crone, me. Each box contains:

  • Ostara Blessing vial
  • Three beautiful pastel candles including robin egg blue
  • Enchanted seeds
  • Handcrafted ostara egg burnt with spiral goddess
  • Ostara crystals
  • Nag Champa incense
  • Incantation scroll

Each one is handcrafted so each box will be unique in design.


The hare

The Goddess most closely associated with the Hare is Eostre, or Ostara. The nocturnal hare, so closely associated with the moon which dies every morning and is resurrected every evening, also represents the rebirth of nature in Spring. Both the moon and the hare were believed to die daily in order to be reborn - thus the hare is a symbol of immortality.

The egg

The egg represents the promise of new life. It symbolises the rebirth of nature, the fertility of the Earth and all creation. In many traditions the egg is a symbol for the whole universe. The 'cosmic' egg contains a balance of male and female, light and dark, in the egg yolk and egg white. The golden orb of the yolk represents the Sun God enfolded by the White Goddess, perfect balance, so it is particularly appropriate to Ostara and the Spring Equinox when all is in balance for just a moment, although the underlying energy is one of growth and expansion.

Check out Momma Parker’s handcrafted Ostara eggs 


A beautiful handcrafted egg symbolising the spiral goddess and celebrating the wonderful Ostara Sabbat. Reiki charged and handcrafted by myself, a crone practicing for over 25 years this beautiful egg is made with love and pure intention and has been charged in the energy of the beautiful full moon.

Ostara blessings charm bottle

This Ostara blessings bottle is ideal for use during your ceremony and celebration. Empowered on the recent full moon it contains himalayan rock salt for protection, citrine crystals, rose petals and lavender and is adorned with a beautiful hare charm.


Place on your altar to enhance the energies during your Ostara celebration and fill your space with love and positivity.


 The colours of Ostara

All pastels are appropriate for Ostara — especially the greens, yellows, blues and pinks.

Crystals for Ostara

Many crystals and stones, like the plants around us, thrive on the increased light and fertile energies that surround us in Spring.


With its golden yellow hue Citrine epitomises the warm glow of the ever increasing Spring sunshine to which the plants and flowers lovingly respond. Citrine has the optimistic energy of Spring and all the potential it promises. It has the bright energy of golden daffodils which cannot fail to cheer us up even when the Spring showers are pouring down. If you are looking to bring light, brightness and joy into your life Citrine is a charming choice that will inspire and illuminate.

Just as nature bursts forth so dynamically at this time of year, Citrine can really help us get back the spring in our step, filling us with energy, improving our esteem and encouraging us to express ourselves. After being cooped up over Winter some people, like the bulbs below the earth, cannot wait to get out into the open air and feel the sun on them once more and Citrine is a great ally for all those who feel that way.


This gentle gemstone is full of the energies of Spring and of blooming flowers – thanks to the Faeries who so lovingly and tenderly care for the beautiful blooms. If you can find a Fluorite that mixes green with purple in its colouring, it will work wonders for anyone who grows, arranges or keeps flowers, who works with aromatherapy oils, or who is hoping to ‘bloom’ in their own way.

We can all ‘bloom’ in many different ways, for example when we come of age, develop in confidence, increase our skills, find our centre, or find our place in this world. Fluorite and the Spirits and Sprites associated with it are very keen for us each to blossom and bloom in our own unique way. Like every flower human beings require careful tending in order to bloom, our confidence and esteem – like flower petals – can be easily crushed or blown away by harshness from others or our environments or by negative thoughts from ourselves.

Fluorite teaches us to not only be careful with our own blossoming but to actively encourage others sensitively and caringly so that we might encourage others to blossom beautifully too. Bi-coloured Fluorite is especially powerful at the time of the Spring Equinox. When placed around flowering plants or aromatherapy oils Fluorite and the attending Faeries can help them to last longer.

Tree Agate

Just as the trees are coming back into leaf and in some cases into blossom, Tree Agate also comes back into its creative power. With its balance of dark green and light white markings in many ways Tree Agate exemplifies the balance of the dark of the night and the light of the day that we get at the time of the Equinoxes.

Tree Agate likes to remind us to find a balance between our needs and the needs of the trees and the planet as a whole, encouraging us to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and to cut back on waste by composting, re-using and recycling wherever possible.

If you are looking to encourage your plants, your projects, your circle of friends or any part of your life to grow, especially as the days and nature will continue to grow into Summer, then Tree Agate is a great stone to work with. You can place tumblestones of Tree Agate around your plants to help them grow, near or around your cash book or petty cash tin to grow your wealth, place one in your purse to help you to grow your wealth and keep hold of more of it as you go along in life, or place several around your phone or address book to grow friends or contacts or place them around your college notes and books to grow your knowledge.

 Ostara Blessings Ritual Box


Momma Parker’s Ostara box contains everything that you will need to be able to have the most beautiful ceremony offering love and healing to your Ostara celebrations. It contains three pastel candles representing the colour correspondence of Ostara in particular the robin egg blue.

A reiki charged blessings charm bottle contains a unique blend of Himalayan rock salt for protection magically charged citrine chips and an aromatic blend of lavender and rose petals. This lovely little bottle is adorned with a magical rabbit charm.

A hand crafted Ostara egg can be used as your altar centrepiece

A beautiful handcrafted egg symbolising the spiral goddess and celebrating the wonderful Ostara Sabbat. Reiki charged and handcrafted by myself, a crone practicing for over 25 years this beautiful egg is made with love and pure intention and has been charged in the energy of the beautiful full moon.

A green organza bag contains three lovely crystals unique to celebration of Ostara, tree agate, fluorite and citrine.

Blessed ve love and light Momma P xxxxx

Finally the box contains a meadow seed bomb that can be blessed as part of your celebrations and kept on your altar till the warmer weather then the seeds cast into your garden to grow and thrive, with the added benefit of attracting the bees.

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