Keep Calm During Lockdown

Keep Calm During Lockdown

Keep Calm During Lockdown

These times are certainly the strangest we have faced in our life times and for some it can have a bigger impact than others. As you may or may not know I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks with mild OCD and routine is certainly my way of coping so when the lockdown came I will admit to you all I had a MEGA wobble. All of a sudden my routine for coping had gone in a blink of an eye and the first days were a nightmare, panic attack, anxiety, racing heart.

I found myself trying to work on the kitchen table just on my laptop a far cry from my usual workstation. I was also surrounded by distraction as hubby and son tried to get on with their lives during lockdown. I could have cried it was horrible and I faced an uncertain amount of time feeling like this.

After one particular day I thought enough is enough. I can't change what is happening so I have to adapt to what we are all facing and create a NEW routine.

I jumped in the car and drove to the office to collect two monitors, my docking station and keyboard and even my office chair. When I got home hubby had cleared a space in the corner of a room and set up a makeshift workspace consisting of a camping table and big old antique tool box. PERFECT!!!

I know just had to set all this IT stuff up and if you have read my previous blogs I am not IT savvy by any stretch of the imagination, I felt the anxiety creep back in as I sat amongst cables monitors and my IT kit not having a clue what to do. After a few deep breaths, a walk around the garden barefoot of course, I asked my bestie, or beastie as I fondly call her, if she could facetime me...I have no idea at this point how to facetime someone. Once again she came to my rescue and after a bit of getting used to showing her stuff with the camera on the phone she showed managed to tell me what went where. Surprisingly when I switched it all on it worked AND two screens too. Fab I know have the first part of my routine a dedicated office space.

From that day forward I got up, a little bit later than usual as I have no commute anymore, logged on and worked a normal day albeit in my mucky comfies or dare I say it sometimes even in my PJs LOL.

I felt better much better...I was adapting.

The next step was zooming...what on earth was that all about but as my current laptop did not have a webcam or any microphone activated I couldn't keep in touch with my work team. Once more beastie came to my help, explained what it was all about, helped me download the app and even suggested a trial run which we did with my other grumpy beastie.

This was ace as I felt more at ease learning with just a couple of other people rather than a big group so now I was prepared for bigger meetings.

So the next thing on my list of establishing a routine was the food shopping. I have a lovely Aldi store just down the road from me so I decided to carry on going there as I was familiar with the layout. As both my parents and in laws are classed as vulnerable I decided that I should be the designated shopper for us all.

I rang round and got the lists and set off with gloves and mask to the shop. Oh dear anxiety again as I saw the massive queue outside and the security man on the door. You could sense the tension in the air. I waited patiently for my turn to go in.

It was a disaster that first trip...although taped out for social distancing and a one way system a few people were just ignoring it completely which made me anxious I couldn't wait to get out of there. I zoomed round as quick as I could but as I was now shopping for two other homes and not used to what they were buying I forgot so many things. Too afraid to go back round again I checked out and went to my car to fill my bags.

This I had got right first time though which made me feel a lot better. I had colour coded bags, red, blue, green for each of the three houses and packed the items at the boot of the car.

First drop off was at my parents from a safe distance obviously then down the motorway one junction to the in laws delivered safely. Now back home where all our items were cleaned before they were allowed in the house, even I had a disinfectant spray down...maybe extreme but we are shielding someone in our family so can't be too careful.

Once the food was put away and I had calculated each homes total it had been altogether a two and a half round trip. But I actually didn't mind as it was another routine I had formed.

I am a lot more efficient now. I ring for the shopping they need and then I write a new list out of everything I am buying in the order of Aldi LOL sad I know but it really works and I have shave an hour off my trip so result :)

The plus side of lockdown is I don't waste time commuting, great for the environment and I can have a little longer in bed in a morning great for me. I am hardly doing any ironing as I am not wearing work clothes and I am spending time at home with my family even if I am working. I can spend my lunch hour in the garden or catching up on jobs so work life balance is fab.

However, we always need to remember that there are those less fortunate that may not be able to work from home so are worrying about money. For those that might not have a lovely garden they can walk round to relax and chill out. For those that may live in just a small flat and are climbing the walls and for those feeling lonely and not coping with isolation.

And we must not forget those with mental health problems who are really struggling, we need to reach out to them and know that we are there for them..after all it is good to talk and we are all in this together.

And when lockdown is over I will probably write another blog on how to cope with getting back to normal whatever normal maybe.

Thankyou for reading loads of love Momma P xxxx



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