How Momma Parker Begin Part 6 Nurture Your Business

How Momma Parker Begin Part 6 Nurture Your Business

How Momma Parker Begin Part 6 Nurture Your Business

You are now here with me where I am on my journey. I have a plan in place, I am managing my Facebook business page and online store with ease although I still get frustrated and confused.

Now I have brought you up to speed we can ride the rollercoaster of a journey together and hopefully share or ups and downs would be nicer for me to know that I am not doing this alone.

In fact one of the things I am a firm believer in is that we should all help each other out...we should help each other with our dreams and support in every way we can. It takes minutes to invite your friends to someone else's business page and vice a versa. not everyone will accept but there maybe a potential customer for your friend in the same place as you...trying to make it work.

So you have spent weeks and months coming up with the idea, the brand, learning new skills whilst your frustrations have been pushed to the limits. You may have felt loss, despair, felt like giving up but it is not going to happen in the first few weeks maybe months or dare I say it years. The most important thing you have to do is realise that your positive intention, your desire your energy is building the foundation of your success. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

Each new like and share is a step in the right direction even if it is not a is definitely networking and by doing this you meet some beautiful lovely people on the way no matter what your service or product is there are always people out there who want to help you succeed. 

You do need to build an audience and you need to be consistent with what you post whilst you build that audience...but you have to try and find the right level of posts...too many and people will start to unfollow you because they are fed up of seeing you two little and people will lose have a lot of analysing during this time to see what works best for you. Join pages that are of a similar like to your business and post there if allowed...interact with others on the same path they may have some really good advice or may help you increase your audience. But always always be is your business and brand on the line now not just you!!!!

Please please make sure that your images, descriptions and posts are the best they can be. I still struggle with this but there is loads of advice out there that can really help. I really cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your photos are amazing and would really stress in investing in something like photoshop. After years of moaning from my graphic designer friend on how people should really treat photos I know totally understand the difference from a poor photo and i really good one and it only takes minutes and a few tricks to do.

Finally for today is research research research. The internet is a vast ocean and you at the minute are the smallest creature there. You need to grow and create your own exposure. Understand your market, your niche and what competition you are up against. \knowledge is a very powerful tool for building your business. 

I would really recommend opening a pinterest account and getting creative on there...again it will not necessarily bring in sales but it gets your name out there it does and hopefully traffic will come to your site.

Remember though enjoy what you are doing you don't want your new venture eto make you miserable, be clever, be innovative and have fun...and remember no matter what don't give up you don't know what amazing things are around the corner.

Loads of love Momma P xxxxxx

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