How Momma Parker Began Part 5 Momma Parker Is Not IT Savvy ( Oh The Frustration)

How Momma Parker Began Part 5 Momma Parker Is Not IT Savvy ( Oh The Frustration)

How Momma Parker Began Part 5 Momma Parker Is Not IT Savvy ( Oh The Frustration)

So I am feeling reasonably comfortable with a business facebook page although I often post as me rather than Momma P and aint a clue how to join groups as Momma P. I haven't a clue how to invite people to like my page that are not in my friend list but I know it is possible as I am getting invited to loads...sighs....

So now it is dipping my toe into pinterest and instagram. So first is pinterest for some reason Instagram puts the fear of god into me LOL. I have used pinterest before as me so I now kind of how it works but now I have to put my business head is all about changing the mindset...isn't everything at the moment. You need to make sure that you create a business account please remember this it is very important.

So I manage to set up a business account quite easily ...aww I am feeling confident I know I can do this it can't be that difficult....yeah but I am Momma P and I think I know about IT but really I am way behind...I know I need to come up to speed as this is the way the world is going. Crash course with my son me thinks...

So I am now sat at my son's house hoping to get a bit of insight into this Pinterest thingy ma it really all about just pictures, pins and boards??? I am now starting to understand that just the same as in the real world it is all about networking...I can do that I love talking, sharing and supporting so now it is time to create some boards and follow some people.

I created a Momma Parker board and added all my pictures...remember to hashtag in the description this will make sure they show up in relevant searches. Think of how you want to title things and be consistent. If you have a website make sure that you out it in the destination at the bottom of the pin xxxx

After using Pinterest for a couple of weeks I have started to feel really confident and I am gaining followers and getting likes and impressions. I must say I am feeling quite proud of myself. So now I would like to link it to my Facebook page and have a button on the side of the Momma Parker page. I know it can be done as businesses that I know on facebook have done it....hours of trawling through google but all the advice is out dated. It tells you to go somewhere on your account page that no longer exists!!!! OMG I can feel my anxiety and OCD kicking in... I need to link the but I haven't a clue how and lovely son is busy with his own life. 

This feeling lasted about a week and really drained me I just needed to link the two but no matter what the advice I couldn't get it to work...even my graphic designer friend at work was trying although I kept telling him it was impossible he thought he knew better lol !!!

Finally I gave up and thought you know what there are more important things to focus my energy on...despite my OCD I realised that this would have to wait... I was focusing my energy on something I couldn't resolve instead of putting that energy into what was working well.

So Instagram oh dear I have an account but didn't realise that it has to be managed from my phone. As I am not IT savvy my phone, like me is cronky and old and the left hand side of the screen doesn't work and I cannot access the numbers on the keypad!!! The thought of sorting out a new phone plays on my anxiety but I know it needs to be linking pinterest to facebook Instagram is going to have to work...Blimely this running my business is really helping my OCD and anxiety :)

Don't forget small steps, treat yourself with kindness and never give up Loads of love Momma P xxxxx

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